Vibrant STREETPOWER Universal Muffler - 3.50" Inlet/Outlet - Round - 304 STAINLESS

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Vibrant Performance StreetPower Universal performance mufflers feature T304 stainless steel construction and True Straight Through perforated internals for unrestricted flow and maximum horsepower. StreetPower Universal mufflers produce that low, deep exhaust tone you crave! This great sound is achieved due to these mufflers being densely packed with premium, multi-layered sound absorption materials. Exhaust tips and inlet necks are TIG-welded for excellent weld durability.

  • Feature Vibrant "True Straight Through" perforated internals for unrestricted flow and maximum horsepower
  • Premium quality, multi-layer sound absorption materials are use to produce a low, deep exhaust tone


Inlet Diameter 3.500"
Outlet Diameter 3.500"
Muffler Size 6" Round Body x 14" Long
Overall Length 19"
Material 304 Stainless