AEM High Output Inductive "Smart Coil"

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High Output IGBT Inductive "Smart Coil"

The AEM High Output IGBT Inductive Coil is a "smart coil" designed for applications that do not have an ignitor. This coil offers the high spark energy and voltage typical of a CDI ignition system, but delivers a long spark duration that can only be achieved using inductive coils. The coil itself is constructed to operate in harsh environments and is shock and weatherproof, allowing it to be mounted virtually anywhere. AEM's High Output Coils deliver a powerful, long duration spark and are ideal for use in high-boost or high compression engines.

The AEM High Output Coil with built in ignitor is a specially designed inductive style, high energy coil for ignition systems that are not equipped with an ignitor. AEM's High Output Coil takes advantage of the inherent benefits of inductive coil technology and will deliver a much longer duration of spark than is possible with CDI systems. This increased spark energy and duration is critical to maximizing power in high boost or high compression applications.

IMPORTANT: AEM High Output IGBT Smart and Dumb Coils are intended for coil-near-plug use ONLY. They are NOT intended for use on distributed applications and AEM cannot guarantee or warranty the performance of its IGBT coils when used on distributed ignition vehicles.


  • Massive Spark Energy, up to 103 mJ!
  • Incredibly long spark duration, up to 2.9mS!
  • Up to 40kV Output Voltage, without a CDI!
  • Weather and Shockproof design
  • Can be mounted directly to the Engine


  • Output (no load): 40kV minimum
  • Output (50pF load): 40kV +/- 10%
  • Output Energy: 103 mJ +/- 7%
  • Peak Secondary Current: 102 mA +/- 10%
  • Arc Duration: 2.9mS +/- 10%
  • Turns Ratio 71:1
  • Maximum Current: 19 Amps
  • Maximum Battery Voltage: 17 Volts
  • Base Dwell: 3.0 mS
  • Max Continuous Dwell: 9 mS but don't exceed 40% duty cycle
  • Max Intermittent Dwell: 80% duty cycle, 5 seconds maximum